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Found these at Warden Bay last December.
The bones in the first fossil images are extremely fragile and I'm very apprehensive about prepping further as there are many more tiny bones in the nodule and many seem to be hollow. Although rarely found at Warden Bay, could this be a bird? Any advice is welcome.
I havnt a clue what the second image is?
The third is really heavy for its size and magnets stick to it, slag possibly?

IMG_0217.jpg  IMG_0218.jpg  IMG_0221.jpg  IMG_0223.jpg  IMG_0224.jpg  IMG_0225.jpg  IMG_0226.jpg  IMG_0227.jpg  IMG_0228.jpg  IMG_0229.jpg  IMG_0232.jpg  IMG_0233.jpg
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Hello Ray, firstly, I am assuming that photos 1,2,3 are the same 'nodule' and that 6,7,8,9,10 are the same?
What is the matrix of these? From your photos, they look like twig, wood & bark! I don't see any evidence of bone I'm afraid, but I could be wrong!
4 & 5 - is it heavy for its size? Marcasite?
Photo 10 looks like fish (scales and a vertebra) but would need to see the end of the 'vert' to be sure.
11 & 12 as you say looks & is almost certainly 'slag'.
It's difficult IDing from photos - you might want to look at
Paraloid B72 in acetone should be applied as you go alongexposing the fossils. Not for an inexperience preparator really!
Colin Huller
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Hi Colin, Many thanks for your reply. The matrix is fairly soft as I dug this out of the foreshore by Wardens point. I had already looked at the Sheppey fossil web site to try and identify what I had found, two of the nodules photographed looked similar to what is in my nodule.
Although my images don't show it, the twigs/bones are hollow, image 2 shows the hollow twig/bone and image 3 shows a hollow main stem with a very thin attachment of what looks like a feather pattern similar to the Sheppey web site image. image 10 shows a vertebra which is attached to the piece underneath, it which is strange.

The second small item isn't heavy but I see what you mean about being marcasite, makes sense.
The third item I thought it would be slag.
I will take a chance and prep the nodule further, if I get any further material coming out and it looks interesting I will post it again.
Again many thanks, as a long time fossil collector I have recently retired and am now trying to identify what I have collected plus add to my collection.
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