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Jo Amsel

Home Catesby near Jurassic way

Think we have another very large Devil’s Toenail, nice little complete scallop type shell, coprolite , other shells
Ammonite imprint, maybe a claw and couple don’t know.

We could set up a stall with Devil’s Toenails and belmnites. They are everywhere. Click image for larger version - Name: D4D344E9-74DB-47E1-8509-F95D9F02784E.jpeg, Views: 30, Size: 89.73 KB Click image for larger version - Name: EAF2100B-ED3D-4650-BCAA-3D281E040E2F.jpeg, Views: 35, Size: 56.87 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 06335609-C2D4-4FDA-8D3D-AF77F7961767.jpeg, Views: 32, Size: 70.73 KB Click image for larger version - Name: C59B643C-41D0-499E-8002-9E6AA8B053EC.jpeg, Views: 32, Size: 35.32 KB
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Ah, that location has confirmed my dates! Please could I as you to post photos of specimen separately (from different angles) and label them - it helps!
Your 1st photo is of the large oyster Gryphaea bilobata, but don't know what the small thing is above it.
2nd photo L>R are Echinoderm (sea urchin); / a pebble; part of an ammonite mould; no idea and a Gastropod (sea snail).
3rd photo L > R part of an ammonite; Gastropd; coral.
4th photo I don't think is a fossil, might be flint brought in via gravel.
Colin Huller
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