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Chris Penrose
I've a few more finds from Ramsholt. I'd like some help with ID please.

First two pictures showing front and back views of each
A. Anything or nothing?
B. Is this a seed?
C. Is this fossil whale bone?
D. Is this Fossil wood?
E. Is this Fossil wood?

Other pictures: Is this a fossil bird bone or have i stumbled on someone's BBQ leftovers? Again found at Ramsholt.
IMG_0686.jpg  IMG_0687(1).jpg  IMG_0683(1).jpg  IMG_0680(1).jpg  IMG_0681(1).jpg  IMG_0682(1).jpg  IMG_0684(1).jpg  IMG_0685(1).jpg   
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From the pics, A might be worn bryozoan from the coralline crag. B I think is just a nodule. C and E and are bone and quite possibly also D.

For the bone, it looks a bit modern. Can it be scratched with a firmly applied thumb nail?
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Chris Penrose
Thanks for these thoughts.
Yes, the bone can be scratched with a firm this a good test if modern versus fossil?
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