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hi, I am trying to i.d this small Silurian 002.jpg  003.jpg   brachiopod.
I think its Resserella canalis...does anyone concur or any other suggestions.
many thanks for your help
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Dirty Pete
Hi Rockmadman,
I see you're not getting much response on this one.
I'm not an expert but those look like internal casts of of one valve (Pedicle?, the one with teeth) of an Orthid brachiopod, the valves themselves long gone. Resserella would fit the bill I guess. I don't think you have enough fossil to assign a species but if you know the formation they are from and canalis is documented as present you're probably safe to go with it. 
Here's Reserella elegantula, press that on a piece of soft clay and you'd end up with something very similar.
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Thanks Pete,
i suppose brachiopods are, to some, boring maybe, but having walked several miles through Mortimer Forest following poor instructions as to where the fossils beds are, this is a the whole days finds. LOL!  I thank you for taking time to respond.

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rockmadman. I was in Mortimer Forest (Vinnals) on Friday and could I find the two cuttings? I could not! Despite walking up and down what I was fairly sure from the description here was the right track, I just couldn't spot them. Maybe it's just me! However, I had two great sessions in Wenlock Quarry though (camped an extra night so I could go back to it for a second go). There are some beautiful corals on large slabs which I'd love to have brought home, but I didn't have a crane with me to lift them! I'm new to this, so it was a great learning experience.
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Tell me about it!!!!
this small contribution was after walking miles.The description we had was vague to say the least but it was a beautiful spot so we didnt mind too much. I picked this brachio off the main path from vinnels. I managed to buy a small mortimer forest handbook off world of books for a few pence so we will be returning with more definite info. Wenlock edge quarry is a good spot. Found my almost complete trilo just lying near the lake....out of matrix! Wrens nest also great hunting there.
good luck Pip
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Gerald Gibson

Brachiopods are anything but boring.  They are among the earliest fossilized creatures and important index fossils.  I found several Pennsylvanian brachiopods in New Mexico, which show great variety in their structure.  Your samples are, in fact, not really that bad.  A sample from's gallery of Resselia canalis, shown by Dirty Pete, proves that point.  Most Brachiopod fossils only display the outer shell, whereas your specimens show the internal structure of Resselia canalis.  The greatest fun in fossil hunting, after all, is the hunt.  Most of my fossils have wound up decorating my wife's garden.  Only the best are placed in collections, which gather dust, while affording me fleeting bragging rights.  Many folks here in Texas still believe the Earth is only six thousand years old.  My neighbors, friends, and relatives give me blank looks when I show them my specimens. "Oh!  What pretty rocks!"  they exclaim.  I don't care.  For me, unlike my other hobbies, fossil-hunting is a personal thing, having no logic or reason, other than the hunt.  You're lucky you're in a Great Britain and not the Bible Belt where I live.  Brachiopods are among the most important index fossils.  They appeared alongside of Olenellus, the earliest trilobite at the dawn of the Cambrian period.  I was fortunate enough to isolate a tiny sample among my trilobites that I found on Marble Mountain, California.  Don't let anyone tell you brachiopods are boring!

Check out this link:

---- Gerald


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Thanks Gerald and i agree with everything you first finds were brachiopods and love collecting them,but sometimes i struggle with id
,as i am almost a complete beginner.i like to place in trays and label them accurately, so i use the forum when i cannot quite get the correct one.I am quite pleased that i found the correct one in my fossil book which is the set produced by the natural history museum but it only contains a selection of fossils one might find.
i appreciate your response, many thanks , dave
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