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Gandalf the White

1. Gastropod
2. favosites gothlandicus
3. Not sure, it looks like a horn coral
4. Not sure, it looks like a horn coral
5. Cyrtospirifer verneuili
6. Cyrtospirifer verneuili
7. Not sure however it looks a bit like Halysites catenularia
8. favosites gothlandicus
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Nice finds, I'm half-minded to pay a trip to Wren's Nest.

What puts me off is that I've heard it's best not to go there unless you own a large and dangerous-looking dog (or better still are large and dangerous-looking yourself). Is it safe?
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yes it is completely safe.
long gone are the days when kids would shoot pellet guns at collectors.
I go at least once per week and there are some very knowledgeable collectors and a couple of guys who are the administrators of the Wrens Nest Fossil collecting facebook group there.
I tend to go(just in case) when the kids are at school but that's just me!!
the other place I love going is wenlock edge at the carpark near presthope..the spoil heaps revealed almost a complete trilobite and apparently for that site quite a rarity.
I can recommend wrens nest.
happy hunting

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Thanks RMM, I shall give it a go then 😉
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Gandalf the White
You can literally just pick fossils off the floor so there are no problems with the site and the two times I have been there were no problems. Except we did see some people with a wheelbarrow coming backwards and forwards collecting large chunks of rock. We also saw a family with a small hammer hammering the bedrock and what was even worse is when we walked past the elderly man tried to conceal the hammer from us by hiding it in his coat, however the child with them who was very young said “Where’s the hammer gone grandad” in quite a loud voice ... but there is more ... because when we were back in the car park we saw the little boys grandma getting a very large hammer out of their car. On second thoughts we should of alerted the council as we understand this to be a ‘no hammer’ site - it was very sad to see this blatant disregard of the rules at this site. It was a Monday school day.
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Absolutely correct Gandalf...its a no hammer site.
The site is monitored by the council to try to stop flagrant breaking of rules.
The other point of note is that the free car park locks its gates at 4pm and you will be in there overnight if you overstay.
Generally there are a number of collectors who abide by the rules and i met up with two administraters of the wrens nest facebook and they not only share thier vast knowledge but their finds also. Go on a wet day as all the rock looks all the same on dry days but if wetter will reveal all sorts of trilobite tails,bracks,crinoids etc
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We visited the site a few weeks ago. We chose to go on the kids teacher training day so they could come along. No problems from locals although we did park at the zoo and walk to Wrens Nest. We walked through a council estate on the way and noticed the huge amount of rubbish littering the area.
And it started to rain so the kids kind of gave up. I did pick up half a huge coral or shell. Got to have a look at it and will upload pics. (It's in the conservatory in a bag still...)

We will be visiting again soon, may be good to meet up with somebody who knows the site. Any takers? Pretty please?      [smile]
It wasn't me!
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