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Hiya! [I'm very new to this, so if this is in the wrong category I'm sorry]

Whilst visiting an old quarry/lake which is now used for fishing with my brother, I found quite a few ammonite(?) fossils/imprints. 

This is my very first find and something I never thought I would be lucky enough to stumble upon. However, I'm not sure what they are!

The rock/stone is very fragile and wet (it was once a cement and lime quarry if that means anything)- I've been slowly drying them out over the past week or so - and would love some tips for preservation and cleaning - I have no knowledge at all on any of this!

Also any info on an approximate age etc would be interesting! 

I am also thinking about mounting/framing the bottom irregular shaped fossil as it was the first find and is quite large and just very exciting haha!

Thanks in advance!
James 😃

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Bobo the bear
Hi there,
they are nice ammonites. Others on the site will tell you species no doubt but they will need the place you found them also helps if you put a ruler or some other measure in the photo's alongside the item so there is some idea of size.

Well done

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Hi jamesahd and welcome to the forum. Yes, we need a location to establish the geology (age). A ruler is always very useful as is individual colse but in focus photos. A it happens, tese bits look very much Oxford clay specimens.
Colin Huller
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