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Neogene Newbie
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Hiya! [I'm very new to this, so if this is in the wrong category I'm sorry]

Whilst visiting an old quarry/lake which is now used for fishing with my brother, I found quite a few ammonite(?) fossils/imprints. 

This is my very first find and something I never thought I would be lucky enough to stumble upon. However, I'm not sure what they are!

The rock/stone is very fragile and wet (it was once a cement and lime quarry if that means anything)- I've been slowly drying them out over the past week or so - and would love some tips for preservation and cleaning - I have no knowledge at all on any of this!

Also any info on an approximate age etc would be interesting! 

I am also thinking about mounting/framing the bottom irregular shaped fossil as it was the first find and is quite large and just very exciting haha!

Thanks in advance!
James 😃


Bobo the bear

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Cambrian Rockhound
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Hi there,
they are nice ammonites. Others on the site will tell you species no doubt but they will need the place you found them also helps if you put a ruler or some other measure in the photo's alongside the item so there is some idea of size.

Well done



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Cambrian Rockhound
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Hi jamesahd and welcome to the forum. Yes, we need a location to establish the geology (age). A ruler is always very useful as is individual colse but in focus photos. A it happens, tese bits look very much Oxford clay specimens.
Colin Huller
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