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Hello, looks like a flint nodule with probably a sponge inside.

greetings, Bert

the search is as valuable as the finds...
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As of late we have been
inundated with emails requesting identification for items that have been
found, & due to the large number we're receiving lately we thought it best to
post the email/pictures on here and let all of you bring your knowledge & expertise
together to help us answer the questions we can't always get round to.

The contact of said email will be contacted to explain
where they can find this page to obtain the info, & to comment should they

Thank you all in advance for your help.

the UKGE team 

** Any idea what this strange rock is please? Found just outside of London.


                Hugh Collins


UK Fossils Forum Admin
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Exactly - that's what we call a rattlestone (or "klapperstein" in german) - it is usually a sponge Plinthosella squamosa encased in flint. When water enters through tiny holes in the flint and residual chalk is dissolved, the sponge rattles inside the flint nodule. Especially often found in the Upper chalk of Denmark (but of course distributed across Europe by the glaciers) and collectors are often seen on the beaches holding stones to their ear and shaking them to find out if they have indeed found a true rattlestone...

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