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Hi Everyone,

I've had this interesting object for years now and I still haven't really got much of a clue as to what it is. While I'm certain it's not a fossil, I'm curious that it might be some kind of geological feature. I found it in a field in Surrey about 15 years ago (I'm sorry to say I really can't remember the exact location...).

I've asked many people over the years and I've received some pretty crazy and outlandish suggestions that range from lava tubes (in Surrey??) to fugurites (any truth in this?). However, the most sensible suggestion that I've been given is that it's a man-made object resulting from smelting processes but I'd love for it to be a naturally formed object which is why I'm posting it here!

It's very heavy (not just because of it's  feels really dense). I remember it was covered in sand when I found it and the inside of the tubes were full of sand also - they are hollow as a result of me cleaning it back home. It's really hard to tell whether it's crystalline or granular - it's very fine grained but seems 'sandy' on it's 'natural' surface and perhaps not when broken on a fresh surface...

Anyway, sorry it's the wrong place to post such things but I'd be grateful for any further suggestions!

20180623_194753.jpg  20180623_194815.jpg  20180623_194926.jpg 

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I'd go with man-made!
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