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Jon Gopsill
Hi guys, I found this on the same beach as I found an Icthyosaur and was wondering if this is a scapula off same or similar? If not have you any ideas? It's about 6x4 inches.
I should have said from the start, I found it in West Somerset, near Hinkley Point.
PSX_20200503_181035.jpg  PSX_20200503_181119.jpg
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Barrow Museum
I reckon it could be a part of the large ammonite Phylloceras, which occurs fairly frequently in the Whitby Mudstone Formation (I assume you found this on the North Yorks coast).  Phylloceras is one of the remarkable ammonites (strictly speaking it's an ammonoid) from which the Jurassic ammonite faunas were derived.  It is related to something that survived the end Triassic extinction and diversified as it evolved.  The genus survived almost unchanged through the rest of the Jurassic and Cretaceous and is commoner in what were warmer climes during the Jurassic, in the Tethys Ocean,  So you might expect to find them more frequently around the Mediterranean and Middle East, for example
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I agree that it looks like part of  a ? large  ammonite. This type of preservation (the white shell is Aragonite. Please use a scale (a ruler is best) and give us as much information about where fossils were found, etc.
Colin Huller
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Jon Gopsill
Oops, sorry! Should have said I found it on Stolford beach, West Somerset, Near Hinkley Point.
And thank you!!
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I think the light color shell is pyrite, but I agree it's part of a Phylloceras from the Whitby area
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Dirty Pete
Assuming it's the same Icthyosaur Jon found in earlier posts then the ammonite is from North Somerset (Stolford)

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I think there's a delay between writing a post and being published.
Of course it can't be from the Whitby area if it's from Somerset...
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