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Hi Everybody.
First time posting on the forum.
I managed to fit a little bit of fossil hunting in back in the summer around Robin Hoods Bay/Staithes area while on our family holiday. My first time fossiling & a bit tricky with a 3 year old in tow & but I did mange to pick up a few bits. 
Its certainly give me the bug now though and I really want to get back.

I was hoping you kind lot could maybe help me ID a few things? Sorry if the photos are a bit naff.

First this kind of elongated egg shaped thing? Maybe some kind of shelled creature (bivalve?)? I knocked some of the outer layer away.
Photo 31-01-2019, 19 02 26.jpg  Photo 31-01-2019, 19 02 38.jpg 

These 3 items. Im guessing the bottom one is maybe some kind of mussel type creature? I chipped the outer layer away to uncover it. But no idea on the other 2 or if the dark banded one is even a fossil?
Photo 31-01-2019, 19 04 57.jpg 

Another angle ...
Photo 31-01-2019, 19 05 42.jpg 

An ammonite nodule I split and a block with an ammonite and a few ammo chunks in it.
Photo 31-01-2019, 19 10 03.jpg 

Any help appreciated.
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I'm going to disapoint i'm afraid. Most are just rocks, except for the obvious ammonites. Nice pos/neg though, thats a good find. The long black thing is a modern inscribing device, likely of hotel origin.
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The almost complete ammonite in the last pic could be Peronoceras fibulatum. Nice find!
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The top 4 are eggs. Without a doubt.
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Brittle Star

Concretions not eggs.

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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