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Good evening everybody!

This is slightly off topic as it isn’t a fossil but I am struggling to find someone who can explain what I have found. A friend and I brought a small rock home from a beach in Exmouth and noticed later that under a flash light it charges and when the light it’s taken away it glows a vibrant green! It’s a fluorescent mineral of some sort but I would love to know what sort of mineral and what type of rock it is.

I have amazing videos demonstrating this if I can show you in some way....

Kind regards!
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Hello, be carefull with it; it could be radio active...

greetings, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Hello. I agree with Bert that it could be radioactive.
The effect you describe is phosphorescence which is displayed by some naturally occurring minerals and rocks, however it is usually weak and short lived.
If it glows a vibrant green it could be a man made material, as Bert says, possibly radioactive, take care until you find out what it is. You need to post a picture, but even so, identifying it may not be possible.
Roy D.
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I agree with the above, check this out,

Crossing the eyes and dotting the teas.
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