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I broke a rock and something fell out (Pic1) which fitted inside (pic 2) so I opened the part it came out of because part of it was still inside the rock (pic 7) and (pic 4)
when I opened it there was something that to me looks like a leg in 2 parts (pic 3) this was split in between the 2 parts of rock.
could be an animal/tree no idea On close ups can actually see little hairs also
30DCA12F-C668-4E45-AD36-49F3102390A5.jpeg  9FF8F995-1B18-4F97-8C88-F456077BB4AE.jpeg  B5F152F2-AD92-4202-81C8-114280F5BEA0.jpeg  A4745700-15BC-49E3-90CC-ABDB9A0B8623.jpeg  48C56671-0348-45FB-A65D-8FC5533A1C4F.jpeg  20078967-B5F4-4DC4-8B38-6355CA1BE6A8.jpeg  9EFBA72C-CC7D-48B8-A06E-4B1A256DE99B.jpeg 
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Brittle Star
From what I can see the black is carbon remains of wood. The dimply pieces could be a root of Lepidodendrom. Spelling from memory so probably wrong.

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Agree with Janet (and her spelling).
Colin Huller
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Thanks for your help.  I’ve looked up Lepidodendrom and it does look similar to some of the images of the fossils. It’s all very interesting, and it’s the first fossil I’ve found.  Will start looking for more now .
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Gerald Gibson

That is definitely lepidodendron.  I found Pennsylvanian wood in New Mexico very similar to it, along with fossil bark. Please compare your excellent specimen with the attached photo. Click image for larger version - Name: image003.png, Views: 11, Size: 1.99 MB
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