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Elizabeth JS
Found this in Prinsted in West Sussex (beach!) And my son and I don't know what it is, can anyone help? Click image for larger version - Name: 15400408320344664181403171007830.jpg, Views: 27, Size: 3.26 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 1540040856079990938355274982546.jpg, Views: 27, Size: 3.24 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 15400408848295091973882574924336.jpg, Views: 23, Size: 3.39 MB
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Another sea urchin preserved in flint
Probably Echinocorys
Along  with sponges these are described (in books) as quite common in flint gravel, beaches etc. In real life I am always surprised and pleased to find one!
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Hello Elizabeth, Richard is correct that it it's probabbly part of a sea urchin, but Echinocorys are probably the largest of our British Echinoderms, so I really wouldn't like to say any more.
Colin Huller
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