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Hi, found these on a recent holiday on the Isle of Wight. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  DSC_1898.jpg  DSC_1899.jpg  DSC_1900.jpg  DSC_1889.jpg  DSC_1890.jpg  DSC_1894.jpg  DSC_1895.jpg  DSC_1896.jpg  DSC_1897.jpg  DSC_1901.jpg  DSC_1891.jpg  DSC_1892.jpg  DSC_1893.jpg
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Brittle Star
Photos 3 and 10 do not look like fossils to me.
Not sure about 1. An in focus photo might help. Numbering your photos also would help and say if a different view if more than one of the same item. 
Apart from the vertebra, possibly shark the others look like turtle shell, I do not see any ridges so could be Emys.
Where about on the isle were they picked up from?

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Hello and welcome to the forum.I'm no expert on I .O.W. fossils but this is what I think. I think some are the same fossil but I have just put the photo numbers down to make it easier for me!
1,2,4,5,6,7,11,12,13 - bone probably turtle carapace (top shell)
3,10 - cracked hard mudstone
8,9 - vertebra, probably fish.
You don't say where on the IOW they were found so I cant give you any age / periods.
Colin Huller
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Thank you for the replies.  Points noted regarding the photos, I'm not sure why the order appeared as it did but I'll make sure future photos are numbered. They were all found at fort Victoria. I thought they were turtle but was unsure of the shape of number 4 which is also the same as numbers 5,11, and 12. Numbers 6,7 and 13 are of the same piece which is clearly brown rather than the black we usually find. We holiday there every year and pick up many of the black pieces but we've only ever found two of the brown coloured pieces. Thanks again for the help
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Hi the fish vert is from Amia and commonly found on the beaches near Fort Victoria. The rocks are all Oligocene (about 35 mya)

Martyn H
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Thanks much appreciated
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