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Not so very long ago, I uploaded my latest paleontology-related page "Ice Age Fossils At Santa Barbara, California" to .

It's mainly about the much paleo-celebrated middle Pleistocene Santa Barbara Formation, which yields one of the largest and best preserved marine Pleistocene invertebrate fossil assemblages on the US west coast, with around 400 species thus far identified, including--pelecypodal bivalves, gastropods, chitons, scaphopods, pteropods, brachiopods, bryozoans, corals, ostracods (minute bivalve crustaceans), worm tubes, and foraminifers.

Includes a detailed text, plus on-site images and numerous pictures of representative fossils (with captions). I've also provided several images of various geologically older paleontologic specimens that occur in the vicinity of Santa Barbara, with explanatory captions, as well.
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