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I am currently on holiday in the Durness region and am having trouble finding fossil sites within driving distance. I know this area is very hot regarding geology and rock formations and due too the hard rock its rare to find anything, however I was wondering if anyone had any beaches which proved interesting in finds. Thurso has come up on my searches with Devonian fish scales being found but that's it. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!! 😃 
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I.m not familiar with that region so I suggest you consult the locations pages on here.
Colin Huller
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Okay, no problem thanks anyway! it is a bit of a strange area tucked up out of the way 😃 
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Whatever you do, don't follow the instructions for Thurso given on this website as they are not accurate. Achanarras quarry is the only site with a chance of intersting finds but you
REALLY have to know what you are doing there and its very hard work.

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