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FDA0CE03-FC2C-40AF-9023-D5715D2A03E8.jpeg  26927089-7E46-42F9-AC76-1F984E4AD2E8.jpeg  58A835B3-C01F-45F5-8D58-80642C6EBB35.jpeg  C5187FD6-EA0D-4604-B93F-AB3259333A0C.jpeg  E3D32350-C117-4355-BFA3-BEB425AAF47E.jpeg  Thought you all might like to see this. Been in formed it’s the back of a crocodile skull.
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Nice find! Where is it from? Mulgrave? 
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Thanks, no it was found on the way to Kettleness 
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Gary W
Yes looks like croc. Very nice specimen.
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