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My experience of the sandstone that Zamites is in, is that it crumbles easily and flakes in ways you wouldn't expect, so best left as is, and don't rest on anything on it. That is a good ginkgo you've found.
Finally found bone[biggrin]
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Hi all, back from a couple of days fossiling on the glorious North yorks coast. Thought you might be interested in seeing a few of my finds...


This first one is a couple of Zamites gigas leaves from Hayburn Wyke. Is it worth having these prepped, and if so what would you do?

Second up are these horsetail stems from Port Mulgrave....


And finally a very scrappy looking Ginkgo leaf from Scalby Ness....


All three are middle Jurassic so about 180myo. My favourite is the Zamites - great feeling when I split open a rock and that popped out :)

Thanks for looking

Andrew Marsh
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Very nice....think you are underselling that Ginko leaf!!
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Nice! The ginkgo is pretty good too...

Re prep, in my experience there is not usually a lot that can be done, but others may have a different view.

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