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Hi all,

I've been slowly collecting fossils over the past two years or so but know little when it comes to identification. Any help in identifying (or confirming they aren't genuine fossils) would be much appreciated. My camera isn't the best, so if a better angle is needed in any example, please let me know.

Additionally, which book would you recommend for a beginner like myself?

Many thanks in advance,


Great Ormes Head1a.jpg  Great Ormes Head 1 - coral? Great Ormes Head1b.jpg  Great Ormes Head2a.jpg  Great Ormes Head 2 - coral? Great Ormes Head3a.jpg  Great Ormes Head3b.jpg  Great Ormes Head 3 - coral? 
Lavernock 1 - is it even a fossil?Lavernock1a.jpg  Lavernock1b.jpg
Lavernock 2 - vert or just ammonite nodules?Lavernock2a.jpg  Lavernock2b.jpg  Lavernock 3 - large ammonite?Lavernock3a.jpg  Lavernock3b.jpg   Lavernock 4 - gryphaea? Lavernock4a.jpg  Lavernock4b.jpg  Lavernock 5 - some sort of gastropod? Lavernoock5a.jpg  Lavernoock5b.jpg Lavernock 6 - tooth?Lavernoock6a.jpg  Lavernoock6b.jpg  Lavernock 6 - on the left fish bones? Lavernoock7a.jpg  Lavernoock7b.jpg Llanfawr quarry 1a - trilobite head?Llanfawr quarry 1a.jpg  Llanfawr quarry 1b.jpg Llantwit major 1 - No idea (small coil-like pattern directly above coin in second photo).
Llantwit major 1a.jpg  Llantwit major 1b.jpg Llantwit major 2 - gryphaea? Is it a different species to that found in Southerndown, as i has interesting patterns on the shell.Llantwit major 2a.jpg  Llantwit major 2b.jpg Penarth 1Penarth1a.jpg  Penarth1b.jpg 
   Penarth 2Penarth2b.jpg Southerndown 1 - gryphaea? I tried leaving this one in vinegarSoutherndown1a.jpg  Southerndown1b.jpg  Southerndown1c.jpg Strawberry wood - no idea (mustard coloured object)Strawberry wood 1a.jpg  Strawberry wood 1b.jpg 
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Dirty Pete
Here's my suggestions for what they're worth....
1/2            coral
3/4/5         crinoid
6/7             grazing tracks?
8/9             ?
10/11         Ammonite...Caloceras maybe
12/13        Gryphea
14/15         Internal cast of a gastropod
16/17        Pointed rock chip
18/19        Section through bivalve
20/21        White smudge
22/23        Crinoid ossicle (Pentacrinites)
24/25       Gryphea with beekite rings/pattern?
26/27       Cluster of bivalves (Antiquilima?)
28             ?
29/30/31    Gryphea
32/33         ?


PS Looking at your fossils NHM British Palaeozoic fossils and British Mesozoic fossils books would probably be a good start.
Also check out this NHM fossil explorer app which you might find useful...
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