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Hi guys and girls.
I'm looking for help identifying these two fossils. The first two pictures are of what I think may be a sea pen but I'm not sure. It came from quarry spoil from a carboniferous limestone quarry in the Vale of Glamorgan South Wales.
The third picture is of a shell like form but I can't work out from what. It's a piece of the forest marble formation,.Watton Cliff Dorset. Any help much appreciated. Click image for larger version - Name: 20180111_150513.jpg, Views: 48, Size: 2.39 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 20180111_150523.jpg, Views: 67, Size: 2.33 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 20180111_150413.jpg, Views: 65, Size: 2.37 MB
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Hi Sween,
The first specimen appears to be a cross-section through a coral - these are often identifiable down to a species level if you have a cross-section perpendicular to how it is in this specimen. The second fossil looks like a fragment of ornamented shell - maybe bivalve or gastropod? Sorry I can’t be more specific!
Nice finds!
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Thanks for the reply Phil. The shell part has me baffled just though, can't work out what it's from!
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Hi Sween

Agree with Phil, the second picture is a partial Gastropod, imagine a Gastropod laying on its side, what you have are the basal whorls.

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