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Found this little puppy the other day in Albi, France. As far as I can tell from googling it.. its an Orthoceras. was about 80cm down in clay like soil.. thoughts? Looks like a stone with an imprinted shell but from what I gather that was actually part of the animal? 

cheers 275EACA5-A783-47F5-8A32-494C3FAFDA32.jpg  C289D970-53B9-4B22-BD37-5F9B7D9DC142.jpg
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Hello and welcome to the forum. A perfect shape to grind & polish for a pendant! I am unable  to get to the geology of Albi at the moment but it looks lke Ordovician.
Colin Huller
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Sure, Orthoceras, but very surprising for Albi!!
looks like the Orthoceras found in Morocco... (may be someone lost it here in Albi?)
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