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Dirty Pete
My friend Flo found this ammonite in Oxfordshire somewhere but can't remember exactly where.....The matrix is oolitic limestone.
Could anyone suggest an ID for it.....

Flo_mo1.jpg  Flo_mo2.jpg  Many thanks,


PS Here's a pic of the matrix, the ooliths are black/brown (iron?) if it helps. 
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Barrow Museum
You'll appreciate the difficulty with naming an ammonite that comes without provenance.  And in this case, I'm not convinced that Oxfordshire is the right locality.  Is it possible that it comes from the south coast, or along the outcrop of the upper Oxfordian into Wiltshire?  I am thinking it is Marston Ironstone, at the top of the Pseudoyo Subzone (Pseudocordata Zone) near the top of the Oxfordian (maybe patches of this do linger on into Oxfordshire, but most if not all the sediments of this age are developed in Corallian facies).  The lithology looks about right and unless I am mistaken, it's a fine example of Ringsteadia bassettensis.
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Dirty Pete
Hi BM,
Seems it could very well have been Wiltshire. So unless someone objects she'll go with your excellent analysis.

Many thanks

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Here's a reference article:
The Aulacostephanidae (Ammonoidea) of the Oxfordian/Kimmeridgian boundary beds (Upper Jurassic) of southern England


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