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Hi guys does anyone know of any localities in Oxfordshire where we can go fossil hunting and if their is any access to the famous mines at stonesfield
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Hello, the county is (I believe) is all Jurassic strata where exposed, but there are no specific sites in the location guides on this site. I don't know about the mine you mentioned although I have heard of it. Other people may know some sites, but quarries  and pits are very difficult to access. What I would suggest is to find footpaths ajacent to ploughed fields, ditches and other exposures ( temporary building sites, road cuttings, spoil heaps ) can all be good hunting sites. You may also want to join UKAFH and other groups for local help. Please remember to ask permission if you are on private land and remember the fossil collecting code.
Good luck.
Colin Huller
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In the past, Oxfordshire was a very fossil rich hunting ground. The various quarries and pits, which were extensively used to providing building materials (especially the famous Oxfodshire honey-coloured Cotswold stone) are mostly now closed and no longer accessible. Many, as is so often the case, now lie beneath new housing estates! Consequently, sites are rarer than rare in this county, despite the region being Jurassic in age and the provider of many vertebrate remains in the past. 

Stonesfield slate is a roofing slate from the Taynton Limestone Formation, a type of Cotswold Stone that provided a wealth of vertebrate material from the Middle Jurassic, including Megalosaurus. The mines closed many years ago, leaving the county as a bit of a fossil wilderness, as far as the collector goes. You might want to visit an earlier post about Oxfordshie fossil hunting to be found here:
However, i'm unsure if the sites mentioned are still productive or even accessible.
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