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Hi all!

Going through my box and opened a small rock about two inches across and almost four inches long. I thought it was a vert at first, then this luvly Phrag revealed itself.  Question is, is it possible to take a measurement of a Phrag to determine the total length of the beast from whence this came?

Something like err... The width times 20 gives the length, or something like that.

I looked at many museum drawings showing what bit goes where, but not really sure if these are any acurate scale?
Judging by the size of the Phrag on these drawings makes my one from an animal about 20 to 22 feet long?  Any ideas out there please? 

Thanks in advance 👍
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Hello, the lenght you write, but in inches will be about right.

greets, Bert
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Elbert's right. Very approximately, the rostrum and the phragmocone (beyond where it expands from the rostrum)  are about the same length on a mainstream belemnite (i.e. not a very narrow or wide one). A lot of the diagrams you'll find are wildly inaccurate.

And the animal was probably about six times the length of the rostrum. 
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