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Hi all,
Port Mulgrave was rather kind to me today - on the walk back to the path after a productive day of collecting a bunch of Dactylioceras and bivalves, I spotted this in the shingle. It definitely contains a vertebra - presumed ichthyosaur, and the other bones appear like they may be sections of jaw/skull. If so, I am absolutely ecstatic and will have to find a preparator!
Seems like a lot of vertebrate material at Port Mulgrave as of late!
Click image for larger version - Name: C465E090-4C49-429A-BDD8-9AE8060A7760.jpeg, Views: 82, Size: 1.32 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 31576FF9-3994-48F1-B25D-7403AE843A50.jpeg, Views: 72, Size: 995.30 KB Click image for larger version - Name: A68A5F35-EE57-4861-9184-F4F9DABFD566.jpeg, Views: 72, Size: 1012.54 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 4B481092-EF7F-4029-948E-16C83FBE8357.jpeg, Views: 73, Size: 948.66 KB Click image for larger version - Name: C66BE33D-5AE2-4CD7-A6D2-4B6004E69017.jpeg, Views: 72, Size: 1.22 MB
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Hello, nice find!
Doesn`t look like the average bone nodule; this yellow, is that pyrites?

greetings, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Hard to tell atm, port has been kind to me lately too...
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Hi Bert,
It doesn’t appear to be a pyrite nodule, although it definitely does contain some pyrite! The matrix is heavily weathered and iron-stained limestone (presumably from the decay of pyrite within the rock). I’m just hoping that it is all gone now!
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Good find Phil, plenty of bones in there, hope it preps well for you.
Roy D.
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Good find.Looks like the top of the nodule containing the top of the skull(assuming it was preserved)has gone. Looks a bit like partial lower jaws with some potential broken teeth. Doesn't look prepable though.
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