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EC58F9D8-340D-456B-ADF8-24E47C4FD281.png  F828B35B-C5DB-4871-9342-BEE3070BA28E.png  A7DF339E-2335-422E-970B-0C32920DC343.png  2F03CE2C-08D8-4663-8AC4-807E956B04B2.jpeg  562E9597-5207-4B6E-BB80-9B0339C88B93.png  82CB81BF-7CC4-448E-A06C-6C70D97BDA20.png  Hello, my name is Leandro. Thank you for accepting me in this forum, I’m hoping to get some answers as I founded something at the beach and my knowledge is not enough and before I loose more time on it, maybe someone knows what I’m dealing with. 

So in Izmir Turkey, Egean Sea ( a part of the Mediterranean) I was searching for some stones and I would like to know if this is a fossil. The rock around where not the same color, shape or texture. To me it looked like a dinosaur fossil. And I’m attaching some photos and videos.

Thank you in advance for the help.  64011C93-8FDD-4F18-8DE5-14D2B4537765.jpeg  EF55B3CB-30AF-4970-999F-D1A3129C6AAB.jpeg  B6F62B61-6757-4726-A190-E01D48A6072F.jpeg  A290D740-B350-4A0D-B530-E16CBCB3864E.jpeg  20340F23-5E82-43D8-8A9B-795EEFBF60D9.jpeg  32E7E471-D3CE-47C6-A75F-A68ED12DFD85.jpeg 

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Dirty Pete
Hi Leandro,
I think your dinosaur is probably shrinkage/dessication cracks and I think I see some layered stromatolites.

Weather looks good there.......

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Thank you Pete. Today I’ll probably update a few photos more and document a little more too. I guess it was not enough.

Weather is awesome here too!

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Gary W
I dont think it looks like stromatolites, just rock layers
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