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I found this a couple of years ago, it measures about seven by five inches. The area is well known for fossils, I thought it resembled bark but it doesn't look like any of the other plant fossils I've seen found in the area. Seaham used to be quite an industrial area and I understand this is the reason many of the fossils can be found there so perhaps it's a result of industrial processes. The back is flat with some faint patterning, the front with its 'bark' like texture has at least two layers to it. I'd be grateful if anybody could provide any insight.


IMG_3005.jpeg  IMG_3006.jpeg  IMG_3007.jpeg 
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Gary W
It does look like fossilised carboniferous plant material
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Dirty Pete
Seaham beach was used as a coal waste tip for years. Pic 2 shows typical carbonised wood/bark. Agree that its the outer part of a Carboniferous coal measure tree. A big one looking at the curve on it. Syringodendron maybe, but it doesn't seem to have too many diagnostic features.

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Thank you for the replies,

Glad you agree it’s likely some sort of plant material, I can see a resemblance to Syringodendron but as you say it’s been too heavily eroded to be sure. Still happy with it as a find though.

Thanks again,
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