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Jessica Nancy Seaward

My son found this on the beach at Penarth Wales. It's quite large approx 4inches across and heavy! He thinks its some kind of vertebrae, I've uploaded some pics. Can anyone shed any light? Thank you Jess Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_20190428_135204.jpg, Views: 62, Size: 148.87 KB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_20190428_135125.jpg, Views: 64, Size: 163.76 KB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_20190428_134456.jpg, Views: 60, Size: 176.07 KB
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Hello, yes! you`ve got a vertebra.
Looks a lot like Ichtyosaur...
Nice find!

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Jessica Nancy Seaward
That's amazing thanks Bert, he's really chuffed! 😁😁
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