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Me and my partner went to Whitby last week and we found lots of ammonites, belemnites and some clams. but during our little adventure we found a couple of things that we can't quite identify.

This one is the first and to us looks like a bone??? DSC_0793.jpg  DSC_0794.jpg  DSC_0795.jpg  DSC_0796.jpg  DSC_0797.jpg  DSC_0800.jpg  DSC_0801.jpg  DSC_0802.jpg  DSC_0803.jpg  DSC_0806.jpg  DSC_0807.jpg  DSC_0808.jpg 
This is the second and to us looks like fossilised wood???

DSC_0811.jpg  DSC_0812.jpg  DSC_0813.jpg  DSC_0814.jpg 
Thanks 🙂

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I think the first one is sadly just a rock, looks like a fragment of a Pyrite Nodule to me. A lot of Nodules have an outer casing of Pyrite in this area.

The second item does indeed look like a piece of fossilized wood.
- Brad
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Hello Edel and welcome to the forum. I'm afraid as Nalgoth says, the first specimen is a mudstone concretion surrounded by a probably Pyritic outer crust, the second is a mudstone nodule as well with possibly some woody material in it.
Colin Huller
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