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This bone was found in north Buckinghamshire. It looks like a spinal bone for something big. A local expert mentioned it may belong to a prehistoric marine reptile. It’s rather heavy. Any thoughts what it might be? 

Many thanks,

B86011DF-7854-4002-AC14-42F23C177F8C.jpeg  A7182BF2-4EB0-477D-A3DB-37344527AA7C.jpeg  956941BF-1074-421E-86B6-F391368ECC59.jpeg  26B24874-C80A-48BB-88F5-A4AD43675ABF.jpeg  69C01B8A-E28F-4B42-AFBE-DBDB20E4A876.jpeg  4EB20031-D392-443A-90BA-15B5645911B9.jpeg 
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Dirty Pete
Hi Philip,
I'd go for plesiosaur centrum.

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Barrow Museum
Yes, definitely Plesiosaur centrum.  Where is Bucks did you find it exactly and was it in-situ? There is so little exposure in the county nowadays, but in the north, I imagine it is more likely to have originated from Oxford Clay, unless from a till deposit.  I detect some pyrite which is starting to decay, and which is also responsible for it seeming rather heavy for its size.  Make sure the specimen is clean and absolutely dry, then if possible, soak it in a dilute solution of Paraloid in Acetone (in a sealed jar) for a day and dry again, to prevent further oxidation.  It is a good example.  Any chance you can locate the rest?
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