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Hey guys I’ve recently started prepping some stuff but I’ve looked in my box of goodies and found something that’s too much for my level of skill and equipment but I would love to prep it looks like a vertebra and a fairly large one from Aust it’s in three blocks and if I had to guess the dimensions would be equivalent to 30x20cm block of rock which I’ve carried back in 3 parts. Would anyone be willing to suggest a preparator or be willing to prep the fossil and give a potential cost? Below is a picture of one of the blocks but it contains the most of the bone!

I should add this is the smaller part compared to the other 2 boulders which contain less of the bone. Click image for larger version - Name: 822842EF-95A0-415A-8D64-6AB1A2249EE4.jpeg, Views: 69, Size: 321.28 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 6FC044E3-15C7-4690-9CAE-43275542587E.jpeg, Views: 68, Size: 353.33 KB
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