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Cool Running
Was  thinking,  and  boy  that  hurts  sometimes,   Was  thinking  how  many  different  types  of  ammonites they  are  in  the  Uk....!

And  i  wonder  how  many   would  it  be  possible  to  collect,  i  suppose  some  of  them,  you  would  need   deep  deep  pockets....!
Would  it  be  realistic to  try  collect  as  many  as  possible. is  there  a  list  of  all  the  known  uk  Species
Many  Thanks 
Have  a  Good  un
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Hello, a guess based on what I know of the brittisch Lias, makes me assume that there will be about a thousand different species.
But with a lot of time and a hammer one does not immediately need deep deep pockets...

greetings, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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