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Thanks very much  for the replies  Andrew and Tarquin  - that's a great help.

The fish suspect is 65 mm head to tail.

Oh, and I suppose being labeled a Neogene Newbie  is better than being a Quaternary Deposit

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This is my first post here so..... G'day from Tasmania.

I'm no expert on fossils but have always had an interest. From 1998 to 2006 I lived in Scotland (which is where I was originally from) and along the way I picked up a few fossils. They're not great specimens but they are the only ones I have so I was hoping that some knowledgeable person/people could comment on the identification of the following.


#1. These ammonites are from Eathie on the Black Isle. Can anyone suggest what species they may be?


#2. This nodule was found on the intertidal rock platform at Eathie. It was already broken and a little water worn. Is it even a fossil? I thought it may have been a large fish scale.


#3. This one is from Achanarras Quarry. Is it a fish or a smudge?   I have entertained the idea that it may have been Achanarella sp. Any thoughts?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated?

Alan -
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Hi there, I'm surprised no one ha replied to this thread yet. I can't really help on IDs, but I think the fossil from Achanarras is def some kind of fish, but I'm sure others on here might be able to give you a proper ID on that.

Thanks for posting the photos!

Andrew Marsh
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Ps forgot to ask how big is the fish?
Andrew Marsh
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The ammonites will be Lower Kimmeridgian and I think they're both Amoeboceras sp.

I don't know if the preservation is good enough to narrow down the species.
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