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Posh Beaver

Thought I would start a new topic on rare fossil finds and seeing what rare finds other members have by showing some of the uncommon examples in my collection. They are mainly from the Carboniferous of Derbyshire but the first one is from the Upper Carboniferous lower coal measures of Burnley, Lancashire and I think it is a marine bivalve but I am not quite sure. It is from Heasandford Quarry and is from a old collection


Stigmaria ficoides - Brongniart

One from the Namurian 'Millstone grit' Group. This one is a rare uncompressed large example from Stoke Hall Quarry, Grindleford. Plant fossils can be found in the sandstones of Kinderscoutian age but are very rare in other sandstones until the start of the coal measures in Derbyshire


Gastropod from Parkhouse hill, Derbyshire. A large type of high spired Euomphalopterus (I think) and only found at a few places, mainly on the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border.


Petrodus patelliformis - McCoy

Famous shark type fish remains from Steeplehouse Quarry, Wirksworth. Can still be seen in some of the large blocks but now hard to collect.


Denalium sp.

Very rare scaphopod mollusc and the only one I have ever come across in the Carboniferous. Collected from Parkhouse Hill over twenty years ago.


Actinocerida sp.

A solid straight nautiloid of the rarer type. Dug out with the help of some badgers at the foot of Parkhouse Hill.


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