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Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum. I've been fossil hunting for a couple of years with some pretty cool finds. I found these recently. The plant fossils came from Offerton at the River Goyt. They were my first plant fossils! The (I think) fish scales came from Besom hill. I found these all over one day! I did find others but I really like these. What do you think? Click image for larger version - Name: 20180420_151615.jpg, Views: 112, Size: 3.93 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 20180420_151743.jpg, Views: 103, Size: 3.92 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 20180420_151529.jpg, Views: 96, Size: 3.32 MB
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Hi and welcome to the forum! Nice finds - I think the "fish scales" are Dunbarella, a distinctive bivalve. [smile]
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Hello Alice, yes the plants are ferns, the ones you call fish scales are bivalves which are called Dunbarella. Nice finds !

The Ace of Spades,,,

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Hi Beth
Lovely finds and I love the ferns! Offerton is my local site and I'm rarely disappointed :)
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Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I really appreciate you identifying them. My knowledge is still very basic but I'm always interested in learning! I always wanted to study Palaeontology at university but life just didn't work out that way.

Terry - I guess that Offerton would also be my local site although I'm closer to Stockport town centre. These were the only pieces I found there, I found much more at Besom Hill. I plan to go back though!
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