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I'd agree with the UKGE page regarding finds but it's pessimistic about dating them. There are glacial erratics but the vast majority of the bivalves and ammonites are from the local beds which are Hettangian and Sinemurian, in the lower part of the Lower Lias.

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We usually visit this seaside town each summer with the kids and I was wondering if I might find fossils there. I don't have a hammer or owt so I was thinking of beach finds. I know Whitby is known for its fossils but we don't have a car and we usually travel to Redcar by train with lots of kiddy oriented paraphernalia!
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There are some very nice fossils to be found there but I know most are in rock. Not sure if there are any loose ones about.
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There is a page on the Locations section of the UKGE site regarding Redcar, Larry
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