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I recently acquired a Mosasaur jaw. It has a pen mark on it for over 20 years writted directly on the bone. Is there anyway i can remove it without risking damaging the fossil? Cheers

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I would very carefully try acetone on a cotton bud, but it may cause the colour to seep into the surrounding bone. (caution - acetone is very flammable.)
Roy D.
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I agree [smile] 
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Sarah the Odd
If the acetone doesn't work you could use a 'magic eraser', these are great on most things, it may wear a little of the fossil though. If it's Sharpie or another permanent marker it sounds bizarre but carefully going over it with another permanent marker then carefully blotting it away (don't get any on unmarked areas) can sometimes get rid of it. Pen does tend to leach into even the least porous surfaces so you may have to gently polish it out. 

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