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I am wondering about the possibility of taking a small group fossil hunting in Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire, in late Sept.  One problem is that the tide will be high when we want to visit.  Does anybody know if their are fossils in the cliffs of Robin Hood's Bay and if the cliffs can be accessed when the tide is in?  Also is there a local expert who might be asked to guide us (for a small fee)?  Thanks.
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Bill G
Hi Amanda

I know nothing about robin hoods bay but do know extracting fossils from any cliff is extremely dangerous because of potential rock falls and you will be responsible for any accidents
Cheers, Bill
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Hello Amanda, to avoid people getting killed or injured, you might consider getting there either a week earlier or later, when the tide is opposite the one you planned.
The tide in RB reaches the cliffs and getting cut of is easily done and as the former reaction clearly states; these cliffs are dangerous and one should not be close to them at any time.
Only last year a child was killed on this coast by falling rock.
So, plan your trip wisely and have a good hunt!

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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As everyone says, take care. You don't want to get it wrong anywhere on this coastline when it comes to tides, and it can be trully astonishing where people choose to stand. I have seen a large family sat on rocks directly under the overhanging cliffs at mulgrave and they look at you stupid when you point out the potential danger.
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I would suggest that you see if you can rearrange your trip to coincide with one of the organised fossil walks run by the fossil shop in Whitby. These take you to Saltwick Bay (the next one along) rather than Robin Hoods Bay.

Tides in these bays always reach the cliffs and as such access should never be attempted at high tide. Please keep clear of the cliffs, rock falls are common and incredibly dangerous. Only yesterday we witnessed a fairly large one and how the people close to it escaped I don’t know! Collecting in these bays should be done on the foreshore.
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