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AC2E4BE0-969C-49D5-87B3-925D4C62455E.jpeg  87D7A29E-F3FB-4BAA-8C32-4400F4B5D3CB.jpeg  Hi all 

I’ve found some rocks and need help identifying what it is this is one of about 5 I’ve found. Some have shinny gold bits and some have gold and some
purple.  Thanks in advance 
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Bill G
Saying where found can help with an I’d. The gold looks like pyrite while the purple could be fluorite or amethyst. Are the purple crystals cubes or six sided
Cheers, Bill
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was found in a clay quarry in Worcester. Some of the rocks are just pure gold in colour and others have many colours in them will try upload the picture.  Click image for larger version - Name: ED6BCC12-35AB-4F95-956B-C5EC25A94729.png, Views: 32, Size: 815.11 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 894C0A35-A4A6-4C5C-88B1-1296F12E2811.png, Views: 30, Size: 763.75 KB
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