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We had a trip to Runswick Bay yesterday. It wasn't very productive but I did find this interesting ammonite. Unfortunately it is very worn at the rear but I'm hoping I can prep the centre out. Is it a Peronoceras?


My Wife as usual finds something far more unusual. I cracked open this nodule for her and out popped this nice little ammonite.


 I dismissed it as a common or garden Dact. but when I looked more closely later on I realised I'd never seen this kind of keel on a Dact. Has she done it again and found a rarity or is it not a Dact?

Thanks Brian


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Hi Brian - a couple of interesting finds.

The first one might be a Peronoceras, but it looks too chunky and angular to me. Just a wild guess - possibly a Liparoceras??

Second one possibly pathological damage?? Or possibly the siphuncle exposed?
Roy D.
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Hi all
I would say Peronoceras and Dactylioceras with the siphuncle exposed (it looks worn on the outside)
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Thank you both. The photo makes it appear fatter than it actually is. I was hoping for a Peronoceras so I'm very happy, just hope there's enough left to prepare.

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Nice find - a Dac with the siphuncle exposed. That would be a great specimen for teaching ammonite anatomy [smile]
Finally found bone[biggrin]
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