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Fossil hunter
Hi everyone. Been to Sandsend and Saltwick bay this weekend and here's some pictures and my finds. The weather was great and a lot of children and their families were enjoying fossil hunting 
as well.
Found a lot of small ammonites in nodules. I have noticed these small ammonites tend to be in greyish nodules with white stripes on the surface. Multiple small ammonites in the same nodule 
seemed to be common.
The pyritized nodules in the shale bed contained mainly bivalves.A lot of the pyritized nodules were already removed from the shale bed creating multiple craters on the surface.
Was hoping for some reptile bone material but could not find any this time.
I would post a report of Saltwick bay in a separate topic



Harpoceras in the shales
Beautiful small pyritized ammonites
Small ammonite in nodule
Another one
Well preserved bivalves in nodule
Other ammonites in nodules
A piece of Jet?

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