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Hi, when going to Sandsend beach I've only ever accessed by the beach and walked round/over the rocks to get around the headland. But I understand there are some steps to access the shore beyond the headland. Are those steps reachable by taking the footpath, from the end of the large car park, up over the cliff (I think its part of the Cleveland way walk)? 

I did venture up that footpath walk last year from the car park but I didn't see the steps leading down to the shore.. maybe I just didn't go far enough?

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Hello, if you follow the path, going north, take a right when at the tunnel entrance, follow that and you`ll end up at the beach. Good hunting and be carefull with tide, slippery ledges and falling rocks..

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Excellent, thanks Bert

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