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John T
Monday was a sunny day, little breeze, calm sea and very little in finds. What I did find, albeit in poor condition, needs id for me please. 20181126_112135.jpg  20181127_132331.jpg  20181127_132457.jpg  PB291007.jpg  PB291009.jpg  PB291010.jpg  PB291011.jpg  PB291012.jpg  PB291013.jpg  PB291014.jpg  PB291015.jpg  PB291016.jpg  PB291017.jpg  PB291018.jpg  PB291019.jpg  PB291020.jpg  PB291021.jpg  PB291022.jpg  PB291023.jpg  PB291024.jpg  PB291025.jpg  PB291026.jpg  PB291027.jpg  PB291028.jpg  PB291029.jpg 

I think therefore I am. I doubt so maybe not. I have split personality so one of us is right.

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Brittle Star

Someone will be able to give you a name. Very nice ammonite and what I think is a bivalve and a possible gastropod.

Well done.

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Hello, if you have found this in the upper Pliensbachian, the ammonite will be Aveyroniceras sp. and the gastropod Pleurotomaria sp.
If this is indeed Aveyroniceras sp. you can clearly see how it forshadows Dactylioceras crosbyii of the lower

Greetings, Bert
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It'll be Seatown Marl Member (Green Ammonite Beds) which is Lower Pliensbachian. So it's a Prodactylioceras and a good, rare find. (Probable ancestor of Aveyroniceras.[smile] )
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The ammonite is a prodactyliocers.
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John T
Thank you all for your replies. Tarquin, the fountain of knowledge as usual, I forgot to mention it was the Seatown Marls where I found them. I was hoping for a Prodactylioceras. I have looked for one whenever I go down there. I managed to get it home and I am hoping not to lose it as it dries.
Does anyone have any ideas on the Brachiopod, bivalve and gastropods please. They were all collected at the base of the cliff about half to 2 thirds of the way between Seatown carpark and Golden Cap. The first Gastropod looks as if it may have washed out of the crinoid-belemnite bed judging by the texture of the matrix. I am gradually cleaning it up so will post new pictures when done if it will help with the id.

I think therefore I am. I doubt so maybe not. I have split personality so one of us is right.

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Hi, I think the bivalve is Plicatula sp and the gastropod might be Discohelix orbis or Pleurotomaria sp - I tend to favour the former from what I can see!
Colin Huller
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