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SNV30006.jpg  SNV30007.jpg  SNV30008.jpg  SNV30009.jpg  SNV30010.jpg  SNV30013.jpg  SNV30014.jpg  SNV30015.jpg hi ,part of a uk found septarian nodule with a fish ? ,any ideas what fish ?
any ideas ,the nodule is full of little bits of fossils everywhere including more fins
the nodule is from milton keynes 
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Hello, septariamn nodule - yes, fish - no! These are parts of an ammonite (I think). The crystals are Dog Tooth Calcite. An unusual find from MK, where was it found?
Colin Huller
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hi ,thank you for your reply
it was found whilst digging for deep drainage ,but seemed unusual to everything else .i had no idea it was a nodule and it was only when i tried to remove a fossil from the outside it cracked to reveal its inner secrets
lots of crystals and fools gold ,it was quite large and the small digger couldnt move it ,at least half a ton plus in weight ,heres some more of it and there is other large bits SNV30016.jpg 
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