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My partner found what we think is a shark tooth on the beach at Eastney in Portsmouth. Looks like a shark tooth and we are both really curious to try and find out what shark or how old it could be. 

Any ideas or advice in identifying this would be amazing. 😃 Click image for larger version - Name: Polish_20200621_232809550.jpg, Views: 42, Size: 152.23 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Polish_20200621_232731744.jpg, Views: 46, Size: 278.36 KB
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I think this from the Eocene - 45 million years ols of the genus Otodus.
Colin Huller
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Gary W
Yes a small otodus, probably 50 million years old
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Thanks for the replies!! That's really helpful to know where it came from and how old 😃😃
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