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Susan Evans
Hi, this is my first post, so be gentle ! I've been collecting for around 15 years. Have lots of small and very large ammonite pieces and devil's toenails , vertebrae etc. all from around the Watchet/Doniford/Kilve and Lilstock beaches. But these are a few of my most interesting - well., to me anyway.The ammonite in the nodule was found on Kilve Beach . The last pics.....some sort of bone perhaps ? (my other half took the pics, I don't have man hands). We love this area of the coast , my other half has family in the immediate area and we visit up to 4 times a year. We've found many interesting fossils, but these are my personal favourites. 

20190214_174601.jpg  20190214_174618.jpg  20190214_172048.jpg  20190214_172001.jpg  20190214_171931.jpg  20190214_171848.jpg  20190214_171514.jpg  20190214_171610.jpg  20190214_171427.jpg  20190214_171731.jpg
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Very nice finds. I live it watchet and spend as much time as I can on the beaches between lilstock and blue anchor.
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Dirty Pete
Impressive finds Susan,
Jurassic crinoid (Pentacrinites?); bivalve (plagiostoma?); ammonite and what looks like a nice chunk of bone. The bone looks Rheatian (Triassic) and could be a piece of marine reptile rib or similar.
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Susan Evans
Thanks for the replies. Just a couple more for now.
A few vertebrae and what I think may be coral (?).
Me and my other half will be back down Watchet next month (Haven), and look forward to finding more interesting fossils. We have tons of them up the shed !

20190215_204512.jpg  20190215_204354.jpg
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Susan Evans
Just a few more from my collection, would love to know what the last item is - tooth maybe ?

20190216_144042.jpg  20190216_144101.jpg  20190216_144113.jpg  20190216_144154.jpg  20190216_144338.jpg  20190216_144354.jpg  20190216_144653.jpg  20190216_145318.jpg  20190216_145326.jpg  20190216_145332.jpg  20190216_144857.jpg  20190216_144922.jpg  20190216_144925.jpg  20190216_144934.jpg  20190216_144940.jpg  20190216_144946.jpg 
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Hi Susan

The bone in your first posts looks like a rib section from a large ichthyosaur. The last fossil with the horizontal striations is a section of shark dorsal fin spine. 


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