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Following on from my previous post, again any help would be greatly appreciated,, and not sure if this is anything either, but would be interested to know. 
Many Thanks,

Found Bournemouth Beach. 20190911_233117.jpg  20190911_233124.jpg  20190911_233145.jpg  20190911_233156.jpg 
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Dirty Pete
Maybe a small sandstone (pyritic?) chip, doesn't look too well in the last two pics, a bit green round the gills.

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Fossil boomerang? 😉
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It looks a lot like a piece of dull pyrite (fools gold) to me.
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This looks rather like a small pebble of sandstone, but the photo won't enlarge for me very well. If the greenish tinge is correct, it might be from the early Cretaceous beds (Glaucinitic layers).
Colin Huller
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