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Hello Rick, you have a nice collection of trilobites. Some very nice bugs there.

The Ace of Spades,,,

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I started unpacking non-bivalve fossils Iƒ¢¢â€š¬¢â€ž¢ve collected over the years to first add other Mollusca, then eventually add everything else (besides all the stuff stored on shelves, I have 25 9x16x11 inch high (um, in metric thatƒ¢¢â€š¬¢â€ž¢s like 23x41x28 cm) boxes of "other Mollusca" material, 90% of it being Paleozoic Invertebrates, maybe another 5% paleozoic plants). One box I had cut out all the trilobite fragments, partials and complete specimens since trils are kind of the "king fossil" for collectors here. I sorted out the complete/near complete ones from various cephalon, thorax and pygidia partials and had them laid out in chronological sequence.
It was interesting to pretty much remember when I collected each one, since the phases of collecting pretty much parallel the major phases of my life (along with the serious relationships) I've had over the years. Lol, made the mistake of having Annea come down to see and mention the relationships part and she goes "Oh, so I am finally gonna find out about all my predecesors" and sits down. As the male readers know, I had dug a hole and jumped in it- after almost 2 hours, Annea gets up and said "Well, I think I would have liked them as friends since they all were smart and both of you were'nt just playing around but serious about being together". Regarding the trilobites themselves, her comment was "They are nice, I remember the last 3 when you were showing me Ohio fossil places; too bad they aren't microfossils".

Anyway, here are the 27 best Ohio trilobites I have collected over 45 years of fossil hunting according to when collected. I've keyed them to the USGS Ohio Geology map, condensed stratigraphic and locality data.


Period 1 High School Years (9-12th grade)

t1 Flexicalymene meeki (enrolled) (Ordovician-Richmond F-Waynesville Sh) Ft Ancient Warren Co OH 1967


t2 Comptonaspis swallowi (Mississippian-Logan F) Licking Co Newark OH 1968


t3 Asteropyge iowensis (Devonian-Columbus Ls) Franklin Co Columbus 1969 OH


t4 Ditomopyge scitula Pennsylvanian-Pottsville F) Perry Co- Somerset OH 1969


t5 Basidechenella rowi (top) and Greenops grabaui (lower)(Devonian-Columbus Ls) Franklin Co Columbus 1970 OH


t6 Phacops rana (Devonian-Columbus Ls) Franklin Co Columbus 1970 OH


t7 Ceratarges armatus (Devonian-Delaware Ls) Delaware Co Delaware 1970 OH


t8 Greenops grabaui (Devonian-Delaware Ls) Delaware Co Delaware OH 1970


t9 Flexicalymene meeki (outstretched) (Ordovician-Richmond F-Wayneville Sh) Ft Ancient Warren Co OH 1970


Period 2 Bowling Green State University, honors accelerated Geology/Biology program

t10 Eldredgeops milleri (enrolled) pygidium view (Devonian-Silica Sh) Lucas Co, Silica OH 1971


t11 Eldredgeops milleri (enrolled) cephalon view (Devonian-Silica Sh) Lucas Co, Silica OH 1971


t12 Eldredgeops milleri compound eye detail (Devonian-Silica Sh) Lucas Co, Silica OH 1971


t13 Eldredgeops crassituberculata (partial enrolled)(Devonian-Silica Sh) Lucas Co, Silica OH 1971


t14 Eldredgeops milleri outstretched (Devonian-Silica Sh) Lucas Co, Silica OH 1972


t15 Eldredgeops crassituberculata (outstretched ) (Devonian-Silica Sh) Lucas Co, Silica 1972 OH


(July 1972-October 1978 I was in the US Marines (72-74 Vietnam), so no trilobites)

Period 3 Ohio University, Master Degree program in Geology/Biology (Invertebrate Paleontology)

t16 Dicranopeltis nereus (Silurian-Niagara F-Dayton Sh) Montgomery Co Dayton OH 1979


t17 Flexicalymene retrorsa (Ordovician-Richmond F-Whitewater Ls) Greene Co OH 1979


t18 Isotelus gigas (Ordovician-Maysville F-Fairview Sh) Cincinnati OH 1980


t19 Homotelus florencevillensis (Ordovician-Richmond F-Arheim Sh) Cincinnati OH 1980

t20 Pseudophillipsia artiensis (Permian-Dunbar F) Washington Co Marietta OH 1981


t21 Crotalocephalus missouriensis (Ordovician-Trenton F-Cythiana Ls) Brown Co OH 1983


t22 Calymene celebra (Sillurian -Niagara F-Cedarville Ls) Mercer Co-Selina OH 1984


t23 Ceraurus pleurexanthemus (Ordovician-Trenton F-Cynthiana Ls) Butler Co OH 1984

t24 Dalmanites limulurus (Silurian Niagara F-Dayton Sh) Montgomery Co Dayton OH 1985


(July 1986-January 2000, Florida State University Doctoral Degree program in Geology and Marine Biology, then marine geology/biology research for USGS: nothing older than a bit of Cretaceous, predominately Cenozoic down there)

(January 2000-2009 returned to Ohio to be caregiver for aging parents until their deaths- no collecting done)

Period 4 (2010 on) USGS research & OU; bought 10 acres of woods, built cabin, met Annea, twins happened; 2014 began to expand from Paleozoic Bivalves to all Mollusca (including living) studies.

t25 Isotelus maximus (Ordovician-Eden F-Latonian Sh) Preble Co OH 2010


t26 "Trilobite Tracks" (well, some multi-legged critter-interesting slab) (Pennsylvanian-Pottsville-Pottsville Sh) Athens Co Athens OH 2011


t27 Bumastus ioxus Silurian (Niagara F-Cedarville Ls) Mercer Co Selina OH 2012


Well, that's it; if I get any new ones will add to post; I find hundreds of bits of trils but it is a rare day when I find one almost complete.

Hopefully all the photos came across, had several interenet flickers uploading during a rolling band of thunderstorms.


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The upload went just fine. Splendid collection! Keep 'em coming!
Best wishes from the Lake of Constance. Roger.
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Great stuff, Rick! Where have you been all this time?!
Anywhere for little ammonites, twice as far for big ones!
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Doggerfan: Annea's working up a post or 2 on basic microfossil collecting (equipment/techniques and such) and I'm doing the same on basics of taxonomy, should be done later this week. She's mostly getting ready for university startup and her first teaching assignment. She's also helping get all the storage area stuff sorted out, since I'm expanding into all Mollusca, both fossil and modern.  Lol, we collected over 1,000 specimen grade bivalves & gastropods, mostly taken alive from the Virgin Islands trip and boxed and sent back. And there's a box each of the same I purchased from dealers of North American, South American, African, European, Australian and Philippines/Indo-Pacific modern shells sitting upstairs unopened. 
  I did my yearly review and updates to my bivalve taxonomy this month and I need to get the other Mollusc classes a workable compilation of systematics before I begin labeling and integrating specimens into the collection. One of the main reasons I tracked down UKGE was to compare specimen boxes, my bivalves are stored in like 8 different makes of boxes, both white & black cardboard types along with plastic- I've been wanting for 10 years to get everything stored into the same style of storage trays/boxes. (Tested out 7 different suppliers and going with the UKGE line of small, medium, large shallow boxes- going to need a lot!) Will take all fall & winter to get just the Mollusca sorted out, prepped, cataloged and stored.
  On top of that we just had a new cabin built in June from a kit- company did the exterior and interior framework, roof, windows, doors and deck: currently subcontractors doing septic system, electrical (including full solar & battery backup), plumbing system is being installed-I've been doing the heat & air ductwork the past week, Annea just finished the tile in kitchen and starting the bathrooms next.
  Next is building kitchen cabinets fitted to appliances Annea picked out, then finishing the master bedroom and kitchen to where we can move in. Ignoring 1st floor small bedroom and 2nd floor bedrooms & basement until we get cabin barebones livable. Basement being setup as separate 2 large rooms, 1 for storage and messy lab stuff, other for desks, bookshelves, cabinets and clean area work benches.
  And Annea wants to start next round of babys (preferably just 1 this time) November/December.
Lol, frantic busy times- pretty much the way we like it.
  Next photo postings I think since I see a lot of Ammonite posts here, will be our cephalopods, almost all being nautiloids, with a few later Paleozoic ammonoids.
  Most of our deposits here are very hard limestones, siltstones and shales, almost exclusively marine with just a tad of Carboniferous brackish water swamp deposits- our Permian is just a bit at the start and exclusively fresh/brackish water.
  I might work up an entire post on the fossils of the Silica Shale (where a bunch of the trils were from during college years)- it is a very unique and entirely local deposit of mid Devonian shales that became an enclosed lagoon and developed an entire local variation of fauna. Plus, fossil preservation is extraordinary along with many brachiopods being preserved as pyrite (fool's gold) replacement. Lots of crinoids and rarer represented classes. Rich microfossils also. Hmm, ya that would make a nice assemblage showing the entire ecology.
  Well, noon here, off for 4 hours working on air ducts and floor tile!

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Hello Beatpete- Just joined the site last week after discovering UKGE (started to buy Euro fossils and supplies from them). Will be around a good while doing various posts and learning about fossils over your way. Great site!
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Ok Rick. Have fun ducting and flooring. I'm looking forward to your coming posts, particularly the Cephalopods since those (mostly Jurassic) are my specialty, but the Devon things interest me as well as I tend to dig in there in Ontario and NY when I'm over in Canada visiting my family.
Best wishes from the Lake of Constance. Roger.
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Oh, New York has a wonderful Devonian, I have a good many bivalves from the New Albany shale, Glen Aubrey shale and Hamilton formation limestones: Top notch preservation and huge fauna: one of many places I need to get back to for a few weeks. #1 priority is to get west- Texas for Cretaceous, Utah for Cambrian, Colorado/Wyoming for Eocene insects & plants, another trip to Mazon Creek, Illinois for Pennsylvanian plants & brackish water, need to collect from dawn to sundown 7 days a week to even sample what I want just in US.
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Sweet dreams, my friend
Best wishes from the Lake of Constance. Roger.
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I have a trilobite fossil.  I stored it in my basement -- wrapped in bubble wrap and put inside a plastic storage container for about 1 1/2 years.  I took it out today and it looks rusted!!!  Can anything be done to restore it?  I washed it with a gentle soap and dishwashing sponge.  It helped a little but not much.  Any suggestions?
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