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Hi Lili

Thank you for your message.

I'm glad to hear you had a fab day fossil hunting, and it sounds like you found loads of great things. We at UKGE would love to see what you found, especially the ammonite, which I'm sure is superb. If you do decide to send us a picture send it to our email address, which can be found on our main website, along with a brief description of size etc. & we will look at uploading it on our Facebook site 

Keep up the good work, I'm sure your mum is keen for you to carry on, especially if you keep picking her favourite beaches!!  

Speak soon little fossil hunter 

Best regards,

Lee @ UKGE

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Lili age 6

First Time Fossil Hunting - Age 6 - My Ammonite!

Yesterday I went fossil hunting for the first time with my mum and my friend. 

Before we set off, we looked on this website at the pictures of the fossils you can find at the beaches from Penarth to Southerndown and thought the fossils at Southerndown looked most interesting, so we chose to go there.  Mum was glad as it is her favourite beach round there.  Mum checked the tide times and the weather forecast.  The conditions were perfect.  We found lots of fossils and took photographs - an ammonite which I found was the best of all.  We had a fab fun day!

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